Gay Killings in Iraq Escalate

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Hairy Stories.

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Thursday night, I got into a huge fight with my boy. He disappeared for two hours and just said that he fell asleep. Sounds innocent enough. But what rankled me was the lack of effort. Plus the fact that it’s happened more times than I can count. I never disappear for hours on end without telling him what I’m up to. He said I was making a big deal out of nothing. I told him he was an insensitive asshole. Yup, I’m a drama queen but I thought (still think) that I was right. I was so pissed that I stormed out of the house without telling him where I was going.

Times like this, I could have used a friend. Unfortunately, two of my bestest buds were not in the city. I would’ve gotten drunk with them. So, I went out with no idea where to go or what to do. Getting drunk on my own was too depressing and humiliating for me. I decided to just buy some DVDs and just walk off my anger. But as I was walking towards my favorite DVD store, I passed by a salon. Right then and there, I decided to have my hair color changed.

I know I wasn’t thinking clearly. Looking back, I don’t know if I did it for myself, for revenge, whatever. All I know is that I went inside the salon, picked a color, and voila, became an instant blond. Well, dark/medium blond, anyway. I looked horrible.

The moral lesson of my story? Never let anger get the best of you. Look at what it did to me! I’m stuck with this terrible hair color for a week before I can have it changed without damaging my hair. Also, do not have your hair done in those cheap salons like I did. I usually have my hair done in a Korean salon or at Fix but I was acting stupid that time and I thought it would turn out pretty okay, I guess. But whatever. I’ll just have to grin and bear it and work this ‘do like it’s the best ‘do in the world.

WTF of the Day.

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Okay, I don’t know if the source is true, or if this news is already months old and I’m just waaay behind my showbiz intriga. But I just read from that Manny Pacquiao will do a movie with this lady pictured below.


My first reaction was, of course, WHAT THE F*CK! I mean, I know Manny’s HUGE, like, he’s in the Times and Forbes list and all that, but I didn’t know he was that BIG that he can get someone like Nicole Scherzinger (did I spell that right?) to do a movie with him. Or maybe I have this the other way around. Maybe Nicole would get a lot more publicity for this than Manny. I really don’t know. The movie would be for a local Film Festival, so I really don’t get it. What’s more, can you imagine Nicole kissing Manny? And we know how Manny loves over kissing his leading ladies (remember Ara Mina?). It’s just so sad and hilarious at the same time. I dunno if I should be -> 😦 or be -> ^^.

It’s too much to handle. It’s like when uber popular Korean people decide to make movies in Pinas. It’s mind boggling.

Model Love Pt. 2

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The weather sucks, and it’s hella cold. So, I was thinking, why not make things a wee bit hotter? Heh. Here are some of my favorite pictures from my favorite models of the moment. Enjoy!


Ash Stymest.


Sasha Pivarova.


Lily Cole.


Sean O’pry.


Double Trouble: Winnie Woolston and Josh Beech.


Daphne Guinness. Not exactly a model, but I think this spread was genius.


Daria Werbowy.


Marlon Teixeira.

Model Love Pt.1

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Jessica Stam. The first model I fell in love with. I think seeing her pics was what made me into such a model/fashion fiend anyway.


Lily Cole. So alien-ish. But I love her.


Sean O’pry. He got discovered through Myspace. He’s awesome.


Andres Velencoso Segura. Y’all can thank me later. 😉


Coco Rocha. She’s also weirdly fascinating. She’s not a great beauty, but she’s a very good model.


Generation Next? Luke Worrall, Ash Stymest, and Cole Mohr. These guys are taking the modeling world by storm.

The Kuot-Kuot Gang (or why I need a car, a lot of money, or a taser gun.)

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If I’ve got lots of time (which is rare, since I take forever to change), I try to save on taxi fare by riding on jeepneys. My daily route for work is this:

From home, I ride a 07B (Banawa – Colon) and stop at Bo’s, near Cebu Doc. I cross the street and take a 14D for Ayala. From Ayala, I take a 62B for Banilad, where my new office is.

For a month now, nothing exceptional has happened except for this one time that I saw a woman using her laptop/notebook on a jeepney. I wanted to grab her laptop and smack her face with it. If the bitch wanted to get stabbed by a snatcher, she better do it in another f*cking jeepney. Other than that, my mornings were uneventful.

But last week, the 62B jeepney I was riding on was graced by the presence of the dreaded Kuot-Kuot gang. Their MO was simple. Use their huge bags as cover as their hands expertly rid you off your cellphone, wallet, or cash. The day before that, my boy and I were on our way to SM and a lady lost her wallet. She didn’t notice a single thing, and the Kuot-Kuoter even had the decency (or gall) to close her bag’s zipper. That’s how good they are.

So, back to my story. At first, I was blissfully unaware of the gang’s presence. I was listening to my music player while casually maintaining a conversation with an officemate. Then, a scuffle erupted at the far end of the jeepney. I saw a man knock a studen’t head with his fist, hard. It was only after two men with big bags disembarked that we found out that they were trying to the nursing student’s phone. Fortunately, they were unsuccessful. However, the incident left me scared as hell.

This morning, I saw the same men inside the jeepney. Fortunately, I was seated near the driver and was too far from them. I wanted to tell the other passengers about the danger. But after a few minutes, the men got off, apparently because the people inside the jeepney also noticed them.

My advice to others who read this is to be vigilant. The gang isn’t difficult to spot. They carry huge (but light or empty looking) bags. That’s the first give-away. They may look clean and decent, but don’t be fooled. Don’t sit near the exit, since they’re partial to that (I think so they can escape easier, or whatev). Make sure your valuables are hidden deep inside your bags. Don’t put them in your pockets.

As for me, I am more paranoid than ever. I have no idea what to do, aside from taking taxis all the time. Or maybe I should bike to work. God knows I need the exercise. Or maybe I should enroll in Judo class. I dunno. If anyone out there who is uber rich and has a car he wants to get rid of, you know, I’m just a message away. 😉 No, seriously, be careful you guys.

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i owe it to myself
to breathe.
and to try to be happy.
i can allow myself
to feel fear.
and to sometimes lose control.
if i can no longer take it,
it is a gift to myself
to just cry
or break things.
no one should stop me.
i should consider
giving up, and not feel
guilty about it.

i just want to walk
and never return.
never look back.
but it’s a dream, really.
i am stronger than this.